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Groups Richard34 Created



    Shops in Kingswood..

    29 members


    Local Charities

    Local charities that serve Kingswood and the wider community

    10 members



    Pubs in the wider Kingswood area

    10 members


    Hanham Parish

    One of Bristol's most historic and wonderful towns

    6 members


    Kingswood in Bristol

    St George East, Bristol covers a large section of the Kingswood area. It's only fair to promote Bristol as well as South Glos

    15 members

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Groups Richard34 Joined

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    Chris Skidmore MP

    Press Releases from Chris Skidmore, all in one area for us to keep up to date and involved with his good work. Website: www chrisskidmore com

    17 members

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    A group for entertainment taking place in the Kingswood area, such as concerts, discos, dances and film nights.

    36 members

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    We Love Kingswood

    Why we love Kingswood

    44 members

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    Fishponds Website

    Community website for the people of the Greater Fishponds area including parts of Kingswood, Frenchay and Downend.

    22 members

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    Kingswood Transport

    This is a group for transport-related issues in the Kingswood area

    13 members

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